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Oscar – From Street Cat to Superstar

Oscar was found sitting lost in the snow outside a factory in Gateshead at the start of March 2018.

Oscar Pre RIT

He was taken to a vet who recommended that he was put to sleep as he had kidney failure but another friend recognised that he was possibly Hyperthyroid and a second vet confirmed this. After a successful online funding appeal, enough money was raised for Oscar’s treatment at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre so, together with Herbie (Oscar’s cat friend!) he travelled to HCC for treatment. Oscar’s owners say ‘If you have any doubts about the treatment offered for cats, please compare the before photo with the others, the latter were taken last week’.

First Day at home after RIT

HCC celebrates Oscar’s second chance at life and are thrilled he is cured and now living the dream with his own FaceBook page, he is quickly becoming a superstar!