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What we do

What we do

The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre is one of the UK’s leading Centres for the treatment of hyperthyroid cats using radioiodine therapy.

We’re one of only a few Centres in Britain licensed to offer radioactive iodine to treat feline hyperthyroidism. We’re also the first and only Centre able to allow cats to return home from as little as 4 days after treatment.

Radioiodine is the gold-standard treatment for feline hyperthyroidism. It’s fast, effective and non-invasive – most cats are cured usually within a week or so of just one treatment at our specialist facility.

Approximately 99% of the patients we treat are cured, usually within a week or so of treatment, and only approximately 0.5% need a 2nd treatment to respond fully. If a second treatment is needed this is usually offered approximately 6 months’ after the first treatment and there is no charge for this second treatment.

Timmy hyperthyroid cat

Timmy was only aged 10 when diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Now he is home and living a normal, happy life.

  • We are experts in feline hyperthyroidism — We are the only practice in the UK (and as far as we know in mainland Europe) dedicated to treating only hyperthyroidism in cats and only with radio-iodine.
  • We have treated lots of cats — Our clinical director, Andrew Bodey, has personally managed in excess of 3500 feline hyperthyroid patients with radio-iodine since setting-up the first radioactive iodine treatment unit in the North of England in 2008. The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre has been designed making use of that extensive experience.
  • We know you will miss your cat – we have worked hard to enable cats to be returned home from as little as 4 days after treatment. This is in line with expectation for cats in the USA or mainland Europe but is an exceptionally short period for cats in the UK – at other UK centres cats often have to be hospitalised for 2-4 weeks as standard.
  • Cats come to us from across the UK – because we are the largest Centre in the UK we can often admit patients for treatment without a long delay, and our short hospitalisation period means you can be reunited more quickly. For these reasons we are able to help hyperthyroid cats from across the UK.

Our expert hyperthyroidism team

Our veterinary team includes some of the UK’s leading veterinarians working within the field of feline hyperthyroidism. Because we’re experts in hyperthyroidism we take a holistic view of each cat’s health: the excessive levels of thyroid hormone that result from a tumour of the thyroid gland will affect the whole cat and these effects need to be considered. We take time to explain all that is involved and provide a comprehensive Client Information Booklet for you to refer to. We do understand that your cat is very important to you (all of us are cat owners too!) and take care to make the experience is restful for the patient as possible.

Our specialist Centre for hyperthyroid cats

Our feline patients are treated with kindness and dignity in our purpose-designed Centre for cats. Following the first few days after treatment cats can make use of our cattery-style accommodation with split-levels, hiding boxes, scratching posts, often a favourite bed from home, toys, treats and natural daylight…

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