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Dexter’s Journey

Dexter whilst at HCC

Dexter was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in March 2018  by my local vet . He had the highest level’s they had seen to date at the practice. Now, probably like all of you who will read this – Dexter is my baby, we rescued him when he was 2 and he has been with us for 10 years since. He had changed significantly, lost a lot of weight, increased heartbeat and had become very erratic. The vet offered me two options – Thyroidectomy or the Radio-iodine treatment . Having researched both thoroughly we opted for the Radio-iodine, reluctantly I may add due to the location of the centre and the long car drive and the length of time he would be in the centre and the aftercare.  I need not have worried, I was given advice for helping him with the journey and during the admission appointment, the team at HCC asked lots of questions about Dexter including what his favourite food was etc.

In May, Dexter underwent the treatment and I collected him 10 days later, and when Andrew (the vet)  told me he had been cured I couldn’t believe it! (I think I cried!)  – All through the process the support, advice and the aftercare has been outstanding – the centre treated Dexter as if he were their own – he gained many admirers and friends. The aftercare was hard but it was 4 weeks which is nothing compared to the years ahead I have with him, and now it seems like a lifetime ago – he is back to his normal chubby cuddly self – it’s like he is a youngster again – I cannot believe the success. If you are considering this treatment then I cannot recommend it enough – the team at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre have been a life saver and I cannot thank them enough for fixing my baby boy.

Dexter happily napping at home


Beth & Dexter