Cat Stories

Solvi’s problem solved!

Towards the end of January 2018 our 7 year old cat, Solvi was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We were familiar with the disease as the condition had affected 2 of our previous feline wards, for whom the only treatment offered in the UK was an oral based remedy for the remainder of their lives. Given the difficulties associated with finding the correct dosages of medication and the known unpleasant side-effects associated with the oral treatment (e.g. renal problems) we were pleased to learn from our vet, Phil at Hallam Veterinary Centre, that radio-iodine treatment; now considered to be ‘gold-standard’ treatment for hyperthyroidism, was an alternative that we really ought to consider. Such treatment had not been available in the UK when our previous cats had endured the illness. We soon learned that the nearest centre offering the treatment was the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre. In view of the reported success rate of RIT at the HCC, and having reviewed the positive testimonials from other hyperthyroid cats’ owner, it was a no-brainer to book Solvi into the HCC for the treatment in March 2018.

I’m looking up….

Naturally, we were somewhat nervous and pained at the prospect of having to leave Solvi in the care of strangers for the duration of the treatment and aftercare. We need not have been so anxious as we soon discerned that the members of staff at the HCC are a dedicated and caring group of people. Upon our arrival at the HCC we were treated to a series of reassuring discussions: first off, Amanda welcomed us all, Solvi included, and made us very comfortable; then Andrew explained clearly to us the procedural aspects and probable outcomes of the treatment; lastly, Vicky engaged us with ’fluffy questions’ regarding all aspects of Solvi’s likes and dislikes. Upon leaving the HCC without Solvi, despite some shed tears, we were confident that we had made the best decision for her immediate health and long-term prospects. Whilst the period without Solvi was difficult to endure we found that the daily updates from staff at the HCC were extremely reassuring and did a great deal to allay any anxieties.


Before we knew it we were returning to the HCC to collect Solvi following her successful treatment. Then commenced the necessary isolation period to allow Solvi’s radiation levels to return to normal. Again, there are difficulties associated with this essential aspect of convalescence, primarily for the patient. However, our adherence to the practical and very useful HCC aftercare tutorials saw us adopting a daily routine that went a good way towards seeming to minimise the duration of Solvi’s isolation. The time appeared to pass quickly and the ultimate reward was our delight upon seeing Solvi leave her isolation room and take her first tentative steps into our garden with her companion cat, Asa. It was a joyous sight to behold.


Now, just 6 months on from Solvi’s successful treatment we are very pleased and thankful to report that she has returned to full health and stature. Given our, and most importantly, Solvi’s experience we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment offered by the HCC to other cat owners. We take this opportunity to offer our extreme gratitude and thanks to all the wonderful staff at the HCC. Thanks guys!