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A Happy Ending for Streetcat Jessie

Jessie - now cured of hyperthyroidism

Jessie has not always had it easy during her 15 years. Neglected by her owners, she was often found wandering the streets of Chapeltown, Leeds before her family moved house leaving her behind when she was 4 years old. When she came to me she was nervous and preferred to hide rather than be stroked. But she soon grew in confidence to become the most loving cat I have ever known.

Her love of the outdoors and hatred of gloopy factor 50 sun block, which she immediately wiped off on the duvet, meant that her white ears developed cancer and, eventually, she had them removed completely giving rise to her Hyperthyroid Cat Centre nickname of ‘ferret-face’!!

Jessie -cured feline hyperthyroidism

Jessie -cured of feline hyperthyroidism

In 2012 she developed hyperthyroidism but this responded well to tablets and she remained well for 3 years. Then she rapidly lost weight and became totally manic screaming for food all the time and being unable to rest for more than 5 minutes. Tests showed her thyroid had gone completely haywire and an increased dose of tablets did not improve matters. My vet suggested radio-active iodine treatment but I was unsure whether it would be unkind to subject a 15-year-old cat to such treatment. Conversations with my vet and with staff at the HCC allayed my fears and they said that Jessie was an ideal candidate. How glad I am that I was convinced to go ahead with this treatment, which is just an injection and not invasive surgery as I had feared!

All the staff at HCC clearly adore cats and they inspired me with confidence that Jessie could not be in better hands. During her 2 weeks there, I was made to feel that we were the only patient and owner they had to deal with and they gave daily updates about her progress – even over weekends. They did everything imaginable to reassure me and the verbal and written support and advice they gave when Jessie came home was very comprehensive. I knew I could ring at any time if there was anything concerning me.

After 6 weeks Jessie looked like she had received a ‘miracle cure’ and blood tests confirmed her thyroid was back within a normal range. She has put on weight, is eating normally, and has been given a new lease of life becoming again the happy, loving, outdoor cat she was. And this is all thanks to the amazing people at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre who I would recommend unreservedly.

After 6 weeks Jessie looked like she had received a ‘miracle cure’ and blood tests confirmed her thyroid was back within a normal range.