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Holly and Poppy – Both Sisters Now Happy and Healthy

Hyperthyroid Holly and Poppy Bengal - both sisters cured with radio-iodine

Holly and Poppy are two soon to be sixteen year old sisters, who have both received radio-iodine treatment at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre within six months of each other. I am their hardworking slave owner and am now practice manager – I guess you could say I liked it so much I refused to leave!

I noticed Holly had began to lose weight, in addition to more deposits in the litter tray (due to increased thirst) and also she was looking a little ‘un-kept’. She was also singing me the song of her people every night at 2am, 3am and 4am – perhaps not unusual for a Bengal – but unusual for her. When I saw a tremor in her head, I took her in straight away for tests and her results came back the next day that she was hyperthyroid. Having studied veterinary medicine myself, I knew the only choice for Holly was radio-iodine as it is far and away the best treatment, offering a complete cure. I then  began the process of phoning round the various UK treatment centres to decide where to send her.

hyperthyroid Holly

Holly pre- treatment. You can see where she had a renal scan as a precaution, and her hair which is dull and staring.

Having spoken to Andrew at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre I was confident he was an excellent clinician, as well as the Centre having the shortest possible time in the UK where she would need to be an in-patient. Holly is a very sensitive little cat so this was extremely important to me, as I knew she would not do well away from home.

Holly’s stay in the Centre was quite traumatic for her, but the nurses did everything they could to settle Holly and encourage her to eat. They even made her favourite food of poached salmon – ensuring it was poached in milk not water!!! when I heard that I didn’t know if she would want to come home!

The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre exceeded my expectations and Holly returned home a little weary, but as you can see from the pictures, she was on the mend.

hyperthyroid Holly

Holly post treatment – she has put on weight, has a nice shiny coat – and is about to pounce on an unsuspecting fly!

Some six months later, I was back – this time with Holly’s sister, Poppy. Poppy had atypical symptoms, the main one being symmetrical patchy hair loss on her stomach and legs. This was dismissed by about 7 different vets who told me she was over-grooming – though I never once caught her doing this – accusing me of being a crazy cat lady over-protective cat mother! When I saw Poppy starting to vomit, I suspected hyperthyroidism and asked my (reluctant) vets to test her T4.

hyperthyroid cat Poppy

Poppy – pre radio-iodine treatment, she has patchy hairloss and an agitated expression

My fears were confirmed – Poppy was also hyperthyroid, so I  packed the cat carrier, a favourite bed, and some toys once more and we headed back to Wetherby!  Poppy did very well during her stay, and it was not until she was home and recovered that I realised just how voracious her appetite had been, and in reality how thin she had become.

Hyperthyroid cat playing

Holly and Poppy are now back to their mischievous selves – playing with their fishy post treatment!

Holly and Poppy Bengal have both received radio-iodine treatment at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre, and are now recovered and enjoying life. I cannot thank Andrew and the rest of the team enough.

Holly, Poppy & Owner